E-Editions on Your iPhone/iPad/iPod

The e-edition is now available in e-Book format. This means you can download the e-edition as a single, compact file to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and then read it even if you are no longer connected to the Internet. Below are instructions for getting started.

Installing an e-book app

First you will need to install the official Apple iBooks app that will allow you to read e-Books on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, which can be installed for free from the App Store.

Accessing e-book editions

After you have installed iBooks, return to the home screen

  1. Open the Safari app and enter the following URL in the address bar, along the top: mountvernonnews.oh.newsmemory.com/ebook.php.
  2. Tap "E-Books" next to the listing for iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  3. Tap the link for the edition you wish to download.
  4. On the resulting screen, tap the 'Open in "iBooks"' button in the upper-right to begin reading your downloaded edition!

Reading e-editions