E-Editions on Your Android Device

The e-edition is now available in e-book format. This means you can download the e-edition as a single, compact file to your mobile phone, PDA or other device and then read it even if you are no longer connected to the Internet. E-Book editions are provided in Mobi format, and software that can read this format is available on a wide range of mobile devices.

Below are complete instructions for getting started. It is recommended that you view this page on a computer while performing each step of the instructions on your mobile device.

Installing e-book software

You will need to install a program on your mobile device that can read e-books. Moon+ Reader is available on Google Play.

Downloading e-book editions

  1. Once you have e-book software installed, enter the following web address on your mobile device: mountvernonnews.oh.newsmemory.com/ebook.php. (It may be easier to copy the link and email it to your device.) This will take you to the e-book editions page.
  2. Select the "E-Books" link next to "Mobile Device" to go to the downloads page (you may be asked for your e-edition username and password). This page will list all the dates for which the e-edition is currently available. It is recommended that you bookmark this page so that you don't have to enter the address again.
  3. Click on the link for the date you want. Save the file in the e-books directory that was created when you installed your e-book reader software.

You can also download e-book editions to a computer and transfer them to your device via cable.

Reading an e-edition